What Size Do I Need?

There are 7 sizes of Zen Clipper and below are some guidelines for choosing the right size for your pet.

Zen Clipper Size XXS #1 - 1.5mm hole. This size is for smaller birds, kittens, ferrets, smaller reptiles and small animals like guinea pigs. 

Zen Clipper Size XS #2 - 2mm hole. The XS is for most adult cats. 

Zen Clipper Size S #3 - 2.5mm hole. This is for larger cats, larger birds, puppies, large reptiles and very small dogs. 

Zen Clipper Size M #4 - 3mm hole. For small dogs and larger puppies. A Dachshund would be a good fit. 

Zen Clipper Size L #5 - 3.5mm hole.  For dogs approximately 20lbs to 40lbs. 

Zen Clipper Size XL #6 - 4mm hole. For dogs approximately 25lbs to 50lbs. 

Zen Clipper Size XXL #7 - 5mm hole. For medium to larger dogs, approximately 25lbs to 60lbs

The vast majority of adult cats use a size #2.

When you purchase from our website we have a 100% guarantee that you will receive a size that works for your pet, even if you need to exchange it - - At no cost to you, we pay shipping both ways. 

The most certain way of getting the right size is for us to mail you a try-me sizing card - this is a card that has holes precisely cut matching the holes in the various Zen Clippers (the card has all 7 sizes of holes) and is about the size of a postcard. If you'd like a free try- me card mailed to you please send us your mailing address by using the Contact Us tab.  Please include your mailing address in your message! We will never sell, loan or otherwise disclose your address. 

You can download and print the sizing card here. The dots at the bottom are the exact size of each Zen Clipper. Make sure you print actual size, not scale to fit page or otherwise resized. This ensures the dots remain the correct size. By holding the dots near your pet's nails or by actually poking the nail through the hole you can determine which size Zen Clipper best fits your pet. You can print this in black and white (sometimes called grayscale) to save ink. 

The third method is to measure your pet's smallest nail at the quick. You can use a metric ruler or we can email you a printable PDF of a metric ruler. The measurements of each Zen Clipper are given below - you will want a Zen Clipper that is the next size smaller than your pet's nails at the quick. 

As always, if you order a Zen Clipper from us and the size you receive isn't correct (it doesn't cut enough of the nail because it's too small or it cuts too close to the quick because it's too large), we will happily exchange it for you. We know using the right size is important to you and we will do whatever we can to ensure you have the proper size for your pet. Remember, we're just trying to clip the tip to keep the nail trimmed; you don't need to ensure you cut right up to the quick. 

Here's a tip for cutting dog nails: If you try to hold your dog's paw with one hand and use a nail trimmer with the other your dog may try to pull their paw away, which of course causes a problem. If you let the paw rest on your hand, without touching the top side of the paw, you may find your dog is less inclined to pull away. He or she may just let it rest on your hand, while you trim with your Zen Clipper in your other hand. 

It's far easier if you use Zen Clipper often, instead of waiting until the nails are longer and then cutting quite a bit at once. Trim and reward often! 

A tip for using the larger sizes is to hold the Zen Clipper by wrapping your fingers and palm around the handle, instead of using the finger holes in the handle. This allows you to use the full strength of your hand to close the handles together when cutting the nail. 

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